Global residency and real estate investment programmes


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Staying invested in local property only
will erode your wealth over time.

This is true for many countries in the world with weak currencies. Spreading risk and yield in a hard currency real estate investment is a prudent approach for everyone to balance any portfolio.

At Proprietas we want to provide you with a platform to explore your global residence and citizenship opportunities or just pure real estate diversification. Our firms’ team of the finest industry experts, representing nine countries, work together to ensure your needs are met. With globalisation growing at a rapid rate, investors and entrepreneurs have expressed great interest in residence and citizenship programmes and real estate assets around the world.

Forty years of globalisation have brought nations together in new configurations. However, citizenship which determines where people can live and travel and determines what markets they can access continues to define and limit them.

Should you wish to insure against political and economic uncertainty and at the same time take advantage of opportunities offered elsewhere in the world you just cannot overlook the advantage of broadening your investment, residence and citizenship horizon. The new generation sees themselves as global citizens.

During frequent travels on business and with his family of five children the Founder and CEO of Proprietas, Rainer Kloos very quickly came to the conclusion that international mobility and opportunities elsewhere make so much sense without necessarily giving up one’s current residence and opportunities in one’s own backyard.

The road to an off-shore investment and resultant residency and citizenship options can be long and winding or short and straight.

Governments and countries change criteria, investment thresholds, qualifying criteria, ages of family members etc. on an ongoing basis and it is thus imperative that we have an initial one on one conversation which is our investment in you at no cost to ascertain your specific and unique goals and circumstances. Once that has been established, we can join hands on this exciting journey and guide you with our vast expertise vested in the hand-picked teams in the various destinations.We are here to help you in every way possible.