Portugal is one of the most peaceful countries in the world with a high quality of life for its residents. In just a few years Portugal has become a preferred choice for real estate investors. The success of Portugal as an investment destination is based on the country’s positive approach towards international business. This country offers a strategic location, access to key markets, skilled human resources, competitive costs and top infrastructures, just to name a few of the wide array of positive investment pulls.

Portugal offers plenty: historic cities, world-renowned cuisine, great wines, breath-taking landscapes, fine weather and magnificent beaches. In recent years Portugal has joined the markets that are on the rise. The way of life and culture are great influencers and Portugal has become an extremely attractive country for investors. Portugal has immense potential in the expanding and competitive market. Investing in Portugal can be one of the best business decisions you will make.

Of these native speakers worldwide, around 10.3 million live in Portugal today, with the majority living in the capital and largest city, Lisbon. After years of economic failure, Portugal’s economic boost entails an estimated increasing GDP and GDP per capita for the upcoming years.

A decrease in inflation in comparison to the previous year led to deflation in 2014, but the inflation rate seems to recover and stabilize itself. Finally, an increase in the export of goods to Spain, Portugal’s most important export and import partner, have led Portugal on its way to economic recovery. Today, Portugal seems to be on the upswing.

10,28 million
Official Languages
Ethnic Groups
95.3.0% Portuguese
4.7% Other
Roman Catholicism
Maritime temperate; cool and rainy in north, warmer and drier in
GMT +1
GDP (PPP) 2020 Estimate
Total $358.070 billion
Per capita $34,935

The following highlight the benefits of investing and living in Portugal

  • One of the lowest costs of living in the EU. The Euro currency is shared with most EU countries, but your money goes farther- on food, drink, transportation in Portugal.
  • Great properties with low prices for high quality & high rental returns. According to statistics gross rental yields in Portugal are among the highest in Europe. From 5-14% is achievable in Euros for the right property.
  • The Golden Visa program – it seems experts and clients alike share a common belief that Portugal’s Golden Visa Scheme is outstanding in terms of the conditions required, the qualifying period in the new country and the quality of life provided.
  • Excellent Tax advantages. As well as the Non-habitual tax regime, there is no inheritance or gift tax and no wealth tax in Portugal.
  • Cultural Richness. One of the oldest and richest cultures in Europe and the legacy of its former wealth and power can be seen in its historical sites.
  • Spectacular and diverse natural beauty, from rivers, cliffs and clean sandy beaches to mountains and championship golf courses, making it an extremely popular destination.
  • World renowned vineyards and restaurants – explore the vineyards and the local cuisine in the many restaurants of Portugal and you are guaranteed a delightful and truly unforgettable journey.

Golden visa program for residency/ Golden Residence Permit Programme

Malta offers two golden visa programs through investment, one for citizenship (the MIIP) and another for permanent residency (MRVP). As a politically stable country, with excellent tax advantages, Malta offers those seeking an alternative residency or citizenship an excellent opportunity.

The following highlight the benefits of investing and living in Portugal

1. Property purchase of at least €500,000

This is the most popular option with our clients and is arguably the best way to combine your investment goals
with your residency goals.


  • The property must have a minimum value of €500,000
  • Multiple properties can be purchased
  • All properties can be rented out

2. Property investment of €350,000


  • Purchase into a PEF (Property Equity Fund). This is also very popular if you are not planning to live in
    Portugal in the initial years. Probably the most cost effective route.

3. €1 million capital investment

This can be in the
form of

  • An investment of €1 million (minimum)
  • A fund deposit into a Portuguese bank account
  • The purchase of Portuguese stocks/bonds
  • A company investment

4. Create 10 jobs (business)

The following guidelines

  • You need to employ a minimum of 10 workers at minimum wage
  • All employees need to pay social security

Contact us to learn more about the available investment options and the application process.